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Frequently Asked Questions

Does Nailtiques test products on animals?
No. Nailtiques nail products are dermatologist-tested and salon-tested.

Does Nailtiques offer a money back guarantee?
After years of market analysis, we have concluded (when used properly) Nailtiques does work. Nailtiques nail care system consists of six specially formulated protein strengths designed for every different nail type. Depending on the condition of ones nails, it should take a maximum of six months to obtain a strong, healthy nail with the strict adherence to the Nailtiques program. Our experience it that the customer is usually using the wrong product(s) for their particular type of nails or they are using the product(s) incorrectly. If a customer is not satisfied with our product(s)we encourage them to contact our customer service department for technical advice or further assistance.

How are products diverted?
Diverted merchandise goes through several channels and is occasionally stored for extended periods in warehouses before being sold on store shelves, which leads to outdated products.

Solution(s): To insure the purchase of an authentic Nailtiques nail product, look for the Nailtiques Window Decal as the sign of an authorized dealer. In addition, a Nailtiques customer service representative can provide a listing of authorized dealers via mail or fax.

I am not able to complete the entire bottle because the bristles are too short. Have you considered making them longer?
Please understand that it is virtually impossible to use all consumable products from a bottle. The brush is designed not to touch the bottom of the bottle, but we will assure you that no liquid amount is lost because of the brush length. If the bristles were designed longer, they would eventually curve at the ends, not allowing the formula to be applied smoothly. For this reason, each bottle is filled above its stated capacity to compensate for the remainder of liquid left in the bottle.

What causes the nail protein to thicken?
Exposure to air and/or build up dried lacquer on the neck of the bottle.

Solution(s): Use a nail polish thinner or Nailtiques Formula Fix®. Nailtiques Formula Fix® is a protein based thinner designed to restore thickened nail protein back to its original consistency without affecting the formula. To insure an airtight seal, clean the grooves (neck of the bottle) with cotton and alcohol or nail polish remover.

Can nail polish remover be used to thin out the protein?
No. This will change the formulation. For optimal results use Nailtiques Formula Fix®.

Why am I having problems with the protein peeling, not adhering to my nails?
There are several reasons for this problem.

1) The protein may be thick in the bottle. Repeated use may create residue on the neck of the bottle preventing it from closing properly.
2) The protein may have been applied too thick.
3) There may be residue (cream, oil etc.) or a foreign substance on the brush or the nail surface.
4) The bottle may have been shaken which causes air bubbles.

Solution(s): Prior to application, wash and dry hands thoroughly. Wash hands with soap and water to properly clean the nail surface before applying a thin coat of the protein.
Please note that paraffin treatments may leave an oily residue on the nails, which may take a couple of days to go away even when the nails are cleaned with acetone.
Avoid shaking the bottle. Turn the bottle upside down and roll it gently between the palms of your hands.
Use Nailtiques Formula Fix® (a protein based thinner) as soon as your nail protein begins to thicken. To help prevent thickening, keep the neck of the bottle free from build up. This can be easily done by wiping the neck of the bottle using cotton and nail polish remover.
Store the bottle at room temperature, away from direct sunlight.

Will the protein last longer if kept in the refrigerator?
No. It can cause it to thicken. It should be stored at room temperature.

How do I remove my artificial nails?
Soak fingernails in pure acetone. This process may take up to two hours.

What is the best formula to use as both a base and topcoat during a manicure?
Nailtiques Formula 1.

Is it a problem to remain on Formula 2 after your nails become healthy?
No. However, Formula 2 may cause nails to become too hard or brittle. Healthy nails are firm yet flexible. If someone insists on remaining on Formula 2, the protein should not be applied any more than three times per week. Use Nailtiques Nail Moisturizer and Oil Therapy in conjunction with Formula 2.

What product would you suggest someone use on nails that have splits down the middle?
If nails are soft, use Formula 2 in conjunction with Nailtiques Oil Therapy. If nails are hard from using Formula 2, use Formula 1 in conjunction with Nailtiques Nail Moisturizer. If nails are naturally hard, use Formula 3 in conjunction with Nailtiques Nail Moisturizer.

My nails split and break from being too hard (naturally). Why is it necessary to use Nailtiques Nail Moisturizer if I am using the Oil Therapy?
Nails that lack moisture or flexibility are targets for splits or breakage. Dryness could prevent the nail protein from promoting beneficial results. Nailtiques Nail Moisturizer PROMOTES moisture and flexibility within the nails. The Oil Therapy SEALS in moisture to nails. Therefore no matter how often the Oil Therapy is applied, the nails will not soften.

What are the white spots on my nails?
Some white spots are caused by air pockets where the nail does not adhere to the nail bed. Other white spots are a result of dry nails.
Solution(s): Use Nailtiques Nail Moisturizer or Oil Therapy on the nail surface as often as possible when there is no protein or polish on the nails. When there is protein or polish on the nails, apply underneath the tip of the nails.

Why are my nails transparent, not white?
Clear nail tips mostly occur in those who wear gloves and /or have their hands in water a lot; too much moisture.

Does Nailtiques have any product(s) for ridges?
Yes. We recommend Nailtiques Nail Protein, Nail Moisturizer or Oil Therapy and Nailtiques Pink & Green Sponge File. Apply the Nail Moisturizer or Oil Therapy to bare nails and gently file the ridges using the pink side of the file. This will remove the ridges without damaging the nail. The nail protein will help prevent the ridges from coming back.

Does Nailtiques have any product(s) for dry cuticles?
Yes. Nailtiques has several products that will help replenish lost moisture. Nailtiques Cuticle & Hand Conditioner, Cuticle & Skin Gel and Oil Therapy are perfect when used alone or in combination with one another.

Nailtiques Cuticle & Hand Conditioner is a highly concentrated combination of pure aloe and jojoba oils that rehydrates and conditions hands and cuticles. The Cuticle & Skin Gel is a glycerin and aloe based crème ideal for extremely dry or calloused areas; this product is the most beneficial when applied moderately. Nailtiques Oil Therapy is a unique blend of vitamin enriched oils, specifically designed to treat dry, brittle nails, soften cuticles and to replenish the skins natural oils and seals in moisture to nails without making them softer. To enhance the benefits, put on a pair of cotton gloves or socks; the heat will help the crèmes penetrate into the skin.

Does Nailtiques make a formula with no shine/gloss?
No. However to eliminate the gloss when using Nailtiques nail protein, we recommend that before application apply Nailtiques Oil Therapy to the bare nail, let it absorb, after a few minutes using a tissue wipe off any remaining residue off the nails and then apply the formula. This will give the formula a matte finish.

I only used my Formula Fix® once and now my bottle is empty.
To prevent evaporation of Formula Fix do not leave the dropper inside the bottle. Replace with cap after every use.

Nailtiques products are salon-tested.
Not tested on animals.

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